Square Foot Art Auction

Square Foot Art display at Jef’s Cafe, Jef’s Café, 5012 50 St #104, Beaumont, AB  

Do you like color, a variety of mediums and seeing art in a different way?   Looking for a great opportunity to purchase original art from a local artist?  This might be a fun event just for you!  The Artists’ Association of Beaumont is holding its first ever silent Square Foot Auction hosted at Jef’s Cafe from April 16 – 30th.  The inspiration for this event was from similar fundraisers held by other art groups in order to facilitate programing and operating costs.   The funds raised by this silent auction will allow the group to bring in and host a variety of cultural events to Beaumont.

The Artists’ Association of Beaumont, AAB, is a passionate group of local artists and makers of all levels.   Their mandate is to grow and promote a strong visual arts community in the Beaumont area. AAB members bring the gift of art to the community of Beaumont while inspiring, encouraging, and celebrating each other as a community of like-minded people.  As one of our members commented, “It’s great to be a part of something bigger than yourself.” 

The rules of the silent auction are simple.  Artists provide one or two 12 x 12 inch original art pieces where 25% of the funds raised will go to AAB for future events.  Simply place a bid by completing your name, contact information, and the amount you wish to bid on the bid sheet.  Minimum bids apply, but the potential to purchase some great art at a super reasonable price is possible!  To secure the purchase, you have the opportunity of using the “Buy Now” option at the value indicated on the auction bid sheet.  

Here is your chance to bid on original art, while supporting emerging local artists and your community.  Mark your calendar, grab a friend to go for coffee and check out the amazing AAB art.  

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