Top Reasons Why YOU Should Buy Local Art

When turning a house, condo, or apartment into your home, art is essential to provide your personal expression and character. Art creates character in your home in a way that you want it to, by showcasing your personality in the selections you make. It leaves a mark on your style within your home. Local art will often offer lots of potential options because artists are part of the community that you live in and already have that for commonality in interests. Buying local art offers advantages that aren’t always evident. Here are some reasons you may want to consider buying local art instead of shopping at big box stores.

Owning art is more than just décor; it inspires you. Looking at that piece helps you to look at the world in a different perspective. It connects you emotionally to your environment, whether it be a landscape or portrait of your favorite human or animal. Even abstract art can catch your heart strings and trigger happiness. A University of London study showed that when a person looks at a piece of art that they see as beautiful, there is an instantaneous release of dopamine, a chemical that is linked to feelings of love, into the brain. ” (

You may not have thought of your original art as an investment, but who knows what will happen ten years down the road. It may have just doubled in value, especially if the artist has become extremely popular or famous. Their unique pieces may not be available to anyone else. Can you imagine if you just happened to buy one of those Van Gogh sunflowers because you thought they were pretty!

Although art can be a very personal thing, it is also a wonderful way of giving to others. Whether it is for a very special occasion or just showing that you care, the gift of a good piece of art is a thoughtful gesture. You may not be tempted to purchase the art for yourself, but how wonderful it is when someone values you enough to give you that very special painting that reminds you of something treasured in your life.

So the next time you see some original art, take the time to consider these points and who knows maybe you will find the perfect piece to purchase for yourself or a loved one.

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