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  • NHL Hockey Player Commissions Beaumont Artist

    As an artist, sometimes your art endeavors take you to surprising new unexpected places! As was the case recently, for our Artists’ Association of Beaumont (AAB) artist, Ricardo Copado. Ricardo has completed commissions for different private and public venues in the past, painting artworks and murals in Mexico, Canada, and the USA. But a unique […]

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  • Mystery Mural

    What can be more fun, than helping to create a community mural that is a mystery, until its final reveal!  This was the idea that Stacey Oswald had in mind when as a member of Artists’ Association of Beaumont (AAB), she approached the Beaumont Agricultural Society.  This year, the Rural Roots Fair hosted Indigenous presenters […]

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  • Volunteering Helps the Community but Mostly Helps You!

    Since arriving in our new community of Beaumont, I’ve noticed the vast opportunities for volunteerism.  Being an artist, I of course started looking in the direction of the arts to where I might best use some of my skills.  I used to write newsletters for our branch at work so the combination of my interest […]

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  • CARFAC Invites Beaumont Artists to “Celebrate Summer” 

    What is CARFAC, you ask?   Well, the Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC) is a federal non-profit corporation that is the national voice of Canada’s professional visual artists. Part of their mandate is to promote the visual arts in Canada, to promote a socio-economic climate that is conducive to the production of […]

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  • Be Part of the Art Experience!

    Beaumont has an exciting new arts event coming August 13th.  The first annual  Beaumont Art Walk will offer art, craft, music and food in downtown Beaumont.  Beaumont is ready for it, we’re ready for it, and if you are a local artist or crafter, we want you to get ready too!  There are many reasons to […]

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  • Inaugural Beaumont Art Walk Goes Aug 13

    Get ready for a new event, right here in the town of Beaumont!  The Artist Association of Beaumont (AAB) is planning a new outdoor event for the summer, that promises to bring to Beaumont things we all love – art, music and food!  The Beaumont Art Walk is a one day event, rain or shine, […]

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