Be Part of the Art Experience!

Beaumont has an exciting new arts event coming August 13th.  The first annual  Beaumont Art Walk will offer art, craft, music and food in downtown Beaumont.  Beaumont is ready for it, we’re ready for it, and if you are a local artist or crafter, we want you to get ready too! 

There are many reasons to consider showing and selling your work locally.  Surveys show that 70% of artworks sell locally and meeting face to face is the best way to build customer relationships.  A local market gives you the opportunity to meet art lovers and collectors and to network with other local artists. It’s a great way to get exposure and become part of the art community in Beaumont!

The Art Walk organizers do the advertising of the event and promotion of the event and the vendors participating which may introduce local businesses and art lovers to your work.  It’s an easy way to become known as a local artist or artisan, beyond your own contacts.

If your work has a local flavour to it, depicting local scenery, industries, landmarks, local customs or culture, a local art market is the perfect place  to sell.  The cumulative result of all the work brought together in one event will be a showcase of what local artists bring to Beaumont, Alberta and beyond!

Artists and artisans who are new to being part of an art walk will find the Beaumont Art Walk to be an easy starting place given that it is a one day event.  It is a great way to enjoy a summer day, surrounded by other artists and artisans, meeting new people and new clients from Beaumont and surrounding areas.

The Beaumont Art Walk has extended the deadline for artists and artisans to apply with some spots still open, so complete the application form found on our Facebook Page (Artists’ Association of Beaumont), or email us at

For community members who would like to be part of the experience of the first Beaumont Art Walk in other roles, calls for food trucks and volunteers are forthcoming!  Let us know how you would like to be part of this new local cultural event by responding to the call outs or sending us a message via our Facebook page.

Creative Corner is written by Betty Schriver on behalf of the the ArtistsAssociation of Beaumont for the La Nouvelle Beaumont News.

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