CARFAC Invites Beaumont Artists to “Celebrate Summer” 

What is CARFAC, you ask?   Well, the Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC) is a federal non-profit corporation that is the national voice of Canada’s professional visual artists. Part of their mandate is to promote the visual arts in Canada, to promote a socio-economic climate that is conducive to the production of visual arts in Canada.  

The Artists’ Association of Beaumont (AAB) has been invited to exhibit at the CARFAC Alberta Project Space in Edmonton June 23 – July 30th.  The theme is  “Celebrate Summer!”  We are all ready for a celebration!  There will be an opening reception, on Saturday, Jun 25th from 12:30 to 2:30 pm where everyone is welcome to come and meet the AAB artists and browse through the diversified art all aimed to help “Celebrate Summer”.  

Artists that will be participating include: Laurel Aitken, Ricardo Copado, Linda Finstad, Bethany Fuller, Elaine Grandon, Christie Jedele, Jill Kratky, Dennis Lee, Chrissy McLelland, Chloe Heeseok Oh, Stacey Oswald, and Betty Schriver all bringing their uniques styles to the table to share their impressions of summer.  

The location of the CARFAC Alberta Project Space is 3rd Floor, 10215 112 St, Edmonton Alberta.  For hours of operation, please go to their website- or contact them at 780-421-1731 or email

We look forward to seeing you!

Written by Betty Schriver on behalf of AAB

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