The Same Reference Challenge

Art challenges have become a huge phenomenon in the art community. They are a great way to be more active in the community, get ideas and inspiration, feedback and suggestions, and especially focus on making art. The number one obstacle for all artists is time to create so the AAB held an Art Jam for the public to participate in this challenge. 

Photo Taken by Betty Schriver of Beaumont, Alberta

During this challenge everyone participating either in person, or online received the above reference photo.  This photo was the source of their inspiration for whatever piece was created.   The rules were are as follows:

  • Register for the event and be prepared by bringing your own supplies. 
  • Once you registered you receive your photo for your reference in an email. 
  • On the Night of February 13th in one and half hours, artists were to create their interpretation of the photo in whatever style they chose.  

This event was meant to encourage growth in the arts so there were no more rules. There was a draw prize for everyone who participated, won by Tracy Weir. At the end of the evening we shared what we created. It was exciting to see so many different versions of the same photo reference, as well as so many different media choices. Everyone was impressed by the final results and are excited to have another challenge in the future.

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