Laurel Aitken

Hello from Laurel Aitken working on Big Blue, fence mural. 

I have been making art in one form or another for most of my life. I was very lucky to grow up with a mother who was a very talented artist and always encouraged my early attempts at art. 

While working and raising a family I managed to take the occasional art course and joined the Artists’ Association of Beaumont when we moved to town many years ago. More recently, I was able to complete a Certificate in Visual Art through the University of Alberta. I work mainly in watercolour but over the years have added acrylics, ink and mosaics to the mix. Who knows what might come next.

My inspiration comes from many places – family, nature, my garden, travel – anything I see that catches my eye and gets my creative juices flowing.

Laurel’s contact information can be found here:


Click on picture and info icon to get more information about the Title, Size, Medium, and Price of the painting. Thank you for your interest!

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