Harjot Saggu

Welcome to My Art Abode

Harjot Saggu – “Freedom” 18×24 A warm and cool abstraction with figuration. $380

Creating art for my client is way more than simply matching the interiors of their home or office. Rather I believe that the art must reflect and celebrate who they are and nurture the space they put up that artwork in. 

I love to bring out the emotions and visions of my clients on a canvas through my creativity.

It all started with spending a lot of time drawing with my 12-pack of crayons as a kid, which instilled in me a deep sense of expression.

While I am experienced in creating different forms of art, I specialize in portraits, silhouette paintings and abstract concepts. My artwork is vibrant. And my special collection named Ek enkindles the sense of mindfulness.  

As an artist, I’ve always enjoyed blending Impressionism with Modern Realism, especially when drawing the human form. I like to create vibrant paintings that seamlessly merge abstraction with figuration.  

Each portrait is an adventure for me and I’ve always felt that the most powerful part of a portrait centres around defining the eyes and bringing out even the minutest details.  

My works are a constant reflection of profound impressions that capture flashes of singular emotions. My larger goal is to celebrate my artwork and brim it with life. Painting and sketching bring me joy and freedom, and I love how capturing emotions communicate so much of the creator to the audience. 

My greatest inspirations are the colours of nature. 

Thank you for reading about me and my artistic story. 

Website: https://huesbyharjot.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/huesbyharjot/

Click on picture and info icon to get more information about the Title, Size, Medium, and Price of the painting. Thank you for your interest!

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