5 Reasons to Shop Local and Handmade!

  1. When you shop local and handmade, you give back to the community.  When you support a local artist or artisan, you invest in the people by giving them confidence in their art and a chance to develop their skills further.  Artists take pride in their work for their customers who include neighbours, friends and visitors to the area. Revenue of local artists and artisans often stays back and is re-invested within the local community.
  1. By shopping local and handmade, you are investing in a small scale manufacturing that is personal and provides a unique cultural expression! Local artists and artisans are experiencing your town, your home ground, and will provide you with potential gifts and home products to purchase that are unique to it’s location that speak about the location. Every community has its own culture and local artists capture that cultural expression in their work.
  1. Local Handmade goods alway have a story and offer a fuller experience. Artist and artisans will always have a story to tell you about why they painted that painting, what started them in creating jewelry, why they use the materials they do.  Each handmade piece of work has it’s own story that is unique and will speak to you whenever you see it.  Ask the artist these questions, be part of the experience.
  1. Local and Handmade artists and artisans provide the BEST customer experience and service!   Don’t just have another parcel arrive at the doorstep! Go to the Wine and Cheese at the local art sale and talk to the makers, enjoy the celebration they feel by being able to show their work!  Local makers are genuinely happy to assist and it brings them joy to share their goods with you and see the pleasure it brings to you as a new customer or friend.  Visit your local handmade craft shops, ask questions, and show pride in the gifts chosen for your loved ones.
  1. You can count on good quality!  Artists and artisans pride themselves on quality.  They look after quality control like no big box business can! Artists work harder, longer and look after details all for their customers who include neighbours, friends and visitors to the area. They want to be proud of what they sell you.

There are several community opportunities that offer local handmade products!  Support them.  

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