NHL Hockey Player Commissions Beaumont Artist

As an artist, sometimes your art endeavors take you to surprising new unexpected places! As was the case recently, for our Artists’ Association of Beaumont (AAB) artist, Ricardo Copado. Ricardo has completed commissions for different private and public venues in the past, painting artworks and murals in Mexico, Canada, and the USA. But a unique opportunity presented itself when the AAB artists displayed artwork at the Beaumont Library. At this particular occasion, Ricardo’s work caught the eye of the NHL Hockey player, Spencer Foo. Spencer Foo is currently with Vegas Golden Knights in the USA but was born in Alberta and has played for Calgary Flames and the Chinese Olympic Games National Team. As circumstances have it, Foo
was in attendance to watch his brother’s music concert at the library and noted the creative artwork.

Spencer Foo decided to further explore Ricardo’s work online and that is where the connection began. He decided to commission Ricardo to create an artwork giving some broad ideas to inspire Ricardo with. Foo wanted the artwork to represent his hockey journey from a little town in Alberta to the Olympics and now in Vegas. He encouraged Ricardo to create the piece using his imagination and his unique style to represent the journey. If you know Ricardo’s work, you know it will be creative, colourful and a piece that will demand the viewer’s attention! The painting is now completed and Spencer will have a painting that he can look at to remember his
hockey journey in a creative way!

If you are interested in finding our more about Ricardo’s work, you can check out his website at this link; http://www.ricardocopado.com.

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