Linda Finstad

Internationally acclaimed
Artist – Author

Eccentric and quirky are words often used to describe Linda Finstad and her unique style of art.   However you decide to describe her,  no one can deny she is extremely prolific. She has written and published 24 books and created multiple collections of art in a wide variety of unique styles and mediums.  

Prism-Equus – Chicken Wisdom – Simply Equine – Living Trees – Coffee Art Simply Human – Sculpted Flowers – Zodiac Tree’s and a series just for kids called Animal Affirmations are just a few of her larger collections. 

Everyday Angels are Linda’s latest body of work, In her attempt to use art as therapy and relieve the stress of Covid-19. Linda committed to paint an angel a day using coffee as her medium.  The angels express the turmoil of emotions triggered by the pandemic. Linda published a book “Everyday Angels” that features over 365 of her coffee angels. 

Her work has been featured on several TV networks and received media attention world wide. She even received a letter of recognition from HRH the Queen of England.


Phone # 780-468-9270

Click on picture and info icon to get more information about the Title, Size, Medium, and Price of the painting. Thank you for your interest!

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