Trish McIsaac

Hello from Trish!

Growing up at a lighthouse on the eastern edge of Newfoundland, Trish McIsaac as an artist with an interest in ecology. Surrounded by wildflowers, rocky cliffs and the moods of the Atlantic Ocean, her sense of place and love of the environment developed from the rhythm and balance of her natural surroundings. As a retired educator, and artist, Trish is now actively pursuing an Eco-Art Therapy Certificate. Using nature as the theme, the subject and often the medium, Trish enjoys teaching others about issues in nature through her art such as using wildflowers to feed the bees and butterflies.  She strives to connect art with nature as much as possible and encourages others to feel the healing power of nature as well. You may see Trish out walking around Beaumont’s lakes sharing her love of nature with others in her Eco-Art workshops or in her on-line art classes where she enjoys teaching art to “kids of all ages”.

Trish’s art can be found in the following places:


Fine Art America:

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