Bethany Fuller

Bethany Fuller – 3′ Hula Hoop Weaving NFS

“My favorite thing to create is a gift for someone in particular, so I can delve into the specifics of their personality to make the gift perfectly matched to them.”

About Bethany

Bethany is a tactile artist. Her “classical training” extends to high school art class, where she found she didn’t fit in the proverbial box. Although artistic talent is passed down in her DNA, the crafter genes took over and through the last 10 years she has shifted to using fibres; yarn and wool, papers, wood, and natural elements that can be manipulated into shapes.

She takes her inspiration from surrounding landscapes and nature, as well as geometric patterns and trending colour palettes. The idea is to have a one of a kind home-made hand-made piece that has been slightly modernized to fit the decor world.

One thing she does not do – mass production. She believes that love and good energy must be put into each piece, and if the drive to create is gone, then the piece will fail. So if you need a special creation in your life, contact Bethany for more information.

BK FibresClick on picture and info icon to get a closer look at Bethany’s Fiber Art. Thank you for your interest!

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