Betty Schriver

Betty Schriver Art
Betty Schriver

I’m a Beaumont artist who loves painting landscapes in my home environment and my travels. I am self-taught, however loosely use that term, as I believe in life long learning and continuously read and researches art, and also participate in art workshops with some of my favourite artists. I am so inspired by the vast variety of Canadian landscapes and loves to paint the places I’ve seen and lived, using a style that I think crosses between representational and abstract. Finding the beauty in simple things in life and showing their glory with paint, is something I hope others can relate to. Travelling also provides for a wonderful array of new scenes and textures.

One of my favourite things about painting is working with other artists and art lovers and I feel the social aspect of art is one of the most important parts of developing an art practice. You can find my art at my home in Beaumont Alberta, or via my website or email or at one of the several Beaumont Art shows hosted by the Artists’ Association of Beaumont. Contact me using one of the social media platforms below or email or send a note on the Contact Us page of this site.

Click on picture and info icon to get more information about the Title, Size, Medium, and Price of the painting. Thank you for your interest!

Canadian Landscapes

Having lived in both B.C. and Alberta, and often travelling across country, Betty loves that her home country’s landscapes are so diverse and cover everything from Rocky Mountains, beautiful lakes, sandy beaches, vast prairies with big skies and include every season possible.

Travel Art

Travel always provides an immersion of sensory wonders, when we experience new things for the first time. It’s ideal for capturing the initial spirit of the location and then trying to portray that emotion within your art.

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