Christie Jedele

Abstract Landscape

Hello from Christie

I have lived most of my life in northern Canada, enjoying nature and the outdoors. A number of my paintings depict the culture and landscape of this beautiful country. I have taught for a number of years, both in the classroom and as a specialist in the Art room. I have also illustrated several children’s books which reflect the lifestyle of northern Canadian communities. Although I paint mostly with acrylic and watercolors, I have dabbled in a number of different types of media. Some of my greatest achievements have been winning accolades for Juried Art Shows in Northern Manitoba. Recently my work has been more abstract, including textures and mark making. I feel the paintings are vibrant, energetic and have positive vibes. To see more of my work you can head over to my website at or my school website

Click on picture and info icon to get more information about the Title, Size, Medium, and Price of the painting. Thank you for your interest!

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